Scottish Country Dancing in the Washington, D.C. Area, the Washinghton, D.C. and Northern Virginia Branches of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Membership - How to Join

The Branches of the RSCDS are organized to:

  • promote the enjoyment and appreciation of Scottish Country Dancing and Music
  • engage in, preserve, and further the practice of traditional Scottish country dancing
  • provide instruction in the practice of Scottish country dancing
  • provide instruction to qualified candidates for the RSCDS Teachers' Examinations

Membership is for 1 year. Payment is due to the Branch in September and submitted to Scotland. You may pay class tuition in September and again in January if you wish.

Donations to RSCDS, Northern Virginia Branch or RSCDS, Washington Branch, are 501(c)(3) tax deductible.

To join the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, please download the appropriate form below. You may return your form to your group treasurer or send it with your payment to the appropriate address below.

 Northern Virginia BranchWashington Branch
Form:Download (PDF)Download (PDF)
payable to:
RSCDS, Northern
Virginia Branch
Washington Branch, RSCDS
Mail form and check to: Alex Menard
Membership Chair
RSCDS - Northern
Virginia Branch
PO Box 3333
Alexandria, VA 22302
Fred Eustis
2118 Pine Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21244
More info: Alex Menard
Fred Eustis