Scottish Country Dancing in the Washington, D.C. Area, the Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia Branches of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Teaching Resources

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Zoom Teaching Tips and Lessons Learned (PDF)
Tips and lessons learned from teaching the Northern Virginia Branch Scottish country dance class using Zoom.
(Last updated September 4, 2020)

RSCDS YouTube Channel
Instructional videos for formations, videos of Unit 2 dances, and videos of dances in recent RSCDS publications.

Explore this section of the RSCDS HQ web site for information on steps, holds, formations, and a few dances. Includes photos and videos.

RSCDS Archives YouTube Channel
Instructional and historical videos about Scottish Country Dancing and the RSCDS.

Lower Hutt, New Zealand SCD Club YouTube Videos
Videos of steps and formations.

Samuele Graziani's Dance-at-home YouTube Videos
Videos with an orange intro screen are RSCDS dances danced by 1 couple. All other videos are danced by 2 couples (black - RSCDS, grey - non-RSCDS, red - round the room, blue - special to the Grazianis, green - variations). In some cases there are both 2-couple and 1-couple versions of dances.

Alastair Pettigrew's Instructional YouTube Videos
Videos have voiceovers. Instructions or bar numbers are superimposed on the screen. Many videos feature dancers wearing numbered, color-coded jerseys.

Tom Geoghegan's TAY DANCERS YouTube Videos
Nicely recorded videos of some fun and interesting dances! Most of the videos feature one experienced demo set. The geography is very clear, so these videos are a good aid for learning the dances.

Program Devising and Emceeing

Cheat Sheets

RSCDS Teacher Training
Information on how to earn an RSCDS teaching certificate, or learn basic teaching skills.

RSCDS Teaching Resources
Information on teaching and organizing a class, teaching beginners, and teachers' organizations.

Purchase RSCDS books, music, apparel, and more.

Teachers' Association, Canada (TAC)
Teachers may join, all others may subscribe to the TACTalk newsletter. Purchase dance books from TACBooks or music from TACSound.